Machine Adjustment and Body Position

Adjusting the Floating Heel Rests

You should adjust the floating heel rests to a height suitable for your foot size.

To adjust the heel rests, push the centre button and slide one heel rest at a time up or down, release the button and the heel rest will lock into place. Repeat on the other side.

We recommend the strap to cover the foot just below the arch across the ball of your foot or the widest part of your foot..


Sitting correctly on the seat

When feet are in position and you are seated, ensure you are sitting in a tall yet relaxed position. Try to feel as if you are sitting on your ‘sit’ or ischia bones and rock slightly forwards and backwards on these bones. Your body weight will move from the front to the back of the seat. Ensure you are sitting with a locked core, shoulders relaxed and head looking forwards.


Grip is correct on the handle

When holding the handle, the fingers are hooked around the grip of the handle. You do not need to actually grip the handle.

Ensure your hands are equidistant from the center of the handle. A good way is to use your thumbs to measure the same distance from the center of the handle.

Ensure your wrists are flat.


Handle draw height

Draw the handle to the body at a height comfortable for you. Ideally you want to draw the handle to chest or just below chest height. Your forearms should be fairly horizontal to the ground and your wrists flat.


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