Pyramid Workouts

  • Pyramid Training involves a gradual increase in work done followed by a gradual reduction in work done.
  • Pyramid workout durations can be based on time, stroke count or distance.
  • Half Pyramids are popular workouts.


Pyramid Workout Examples (more examples to come)

(For Beginner & Intermediate Rowers)

   10 Minute Pyramid with Abdominal Exercises (download workout here)

    10-20-30 Stroke Pyramid (download workout here)

15 Minute Pyramid (download workout here)

Distance Pyramid (download workout here)

11 Minutes Stroke Rate Pyramid (download workout here)

10 Minute Pyramids (download workout here)

5 Minute Pieces (download workout here)


(For Intermediate & Advanced Rowers)

6 Minute Pyramid (download workout here)

3 Minute Intervals (download workout here)

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