Focus Points

These are important technique points to keep in mind at each phase and position of the rowing action.

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Below are 5 of the most important technique focus points to keep in mind when rowing:

- GOOD POSTURE – think of sitting tall all the times, concentrate on pulling your navel into your spine.

- LONG ROWING ACTION – try to get full compression of the legs and full reach of the upper back and arms to a position comfortable for you. Stroke length will vary according to your flexibility and body shape and should improve over time.

- SMOOTH RHYTHMICAL CONTINUOUS ROWING ACTION – aim to have a good Ratio and Rhythm – that is spending twice as much time going forwards up the slide on the recovery as compared to the drive back.

- USE YOUR LEGS - the majority of the power comes from the legs, ensure you are initiating the Drive and pushing firmly away with your legs on each stroke.

 - ACCELERATE THE HANDLE INTO THE BODY - focus on having a strong pull of the handle towards the body at the end of the drive phase.

A tip: Count sets of 10 strokes when trying to focus on one area of the body, for example: for POSTURE - concentrate on pulling your navel into your spine for 10 strokes, then focus on lengthening your spine (sitting tall) for 10 strokes, then focus on using all of your back muscles to draw the handle in to the body for 10 strokes and repeat.

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