Workout Types

Below are the explanations of the types of workouts you will encounter during rowing.

Before completing any workout, be sure to check out this stretching guide

Steady State Workouts

  • Continuous rowing at a consistent intensity and stroke rate for a set time or distance.
  • Stroke rates are usually around 20-24 strokes per minute (spm).
  • Speed is dependent on technique, such as stroke length and power application of user.
  • Intensities are kept within 60-70% of the users maximum heart rate.
  • Duration depends on the users fitness level and can be based on time or distance.
  • Steady state rowing is particularly good for endurance training and fat burning.

   Look for the green triangle in the workouts below for Steady State Workouts

Interval Workouts

  • Interval training involves, shorter periods of work at higher intensities followed by periods of “rest”.
  • Work and rest periods can be time, distance or stroke count based.
  • Intensity of work pieces can vary between 75-95% depending on fitness level of the user.

   Look for the blue triangle in the section below for Interval Workouts

Pyramid Workouts

  • Pyramid Training involves a gradual increase in work done followed by a gradual reduction in work done.
  • Pyramid workout durations can be based on time, stroke count or distance.
  • Half Pyramids are popular workouts.

   Look for the red triangle in the section below for Pyramid Workouts

Platform Workouts

  • Platform training is similar to Steady State training but is of a slightly higher intensity (around 75-85% of MHR). This is usually around the user’s lactate threshold.
  • Platform training is usually based on distance; the user records their time to try and better their time each time they repeat the session.

   Look for the purple triangle in the section below for Platform Workouts

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