Rowing 101

How to row on a rowing machine (erg) is explained by WaterRower master rowing instructor, Jill Lancaster, throughout this informative site. Learning how to row on a rowing machine is simple and with Jill's instruction you will be on your way to Gold!


It is essential that a strong postural position is maintained throughout the Rowing Action.

The rowing stroke uses 84% of the Muscle Mass. From the tips of the fingers holding the handle/oars, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard/boat, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke.


This sections allows you to focus in on form with these 9 drills.

By spreading work over a wide range of muscles, rowing consumes calories in more muscles, allowing a high calorie consumption within the user’s limits of fatigue.

Faults and Correction

Identify and correct your mistakes in 10 steps.

After practicing and taking our tutorials you can hone your skills by pointing out and correcting issues with your form.  Remember:  Perfecting a proper stroke is very important in the economy of your energy.

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