ACE Approved Rowing Education Program by WaterRower

WaterCoach Professional is aimed at fitness professionals or those with a basic knowledge of sports science who want to increase their understanding of the sport of rowing.  This online course covers the technical and physiological aspects of rowing, and shares the training methodology used by rowers. Our hope is that with increased knowledge you, the instructor, will be able to offer a higher level of advice to users of rowing machines (either in gyms or at home) on how best to realise the unrivalled physical benefits of rowing.

About Rowing

Module 1 of 4

Rowing has long been recognized as the perfect aerobic exercise; Smooth, non-load bearing, rhythmic, whole body and low impact. It is ideal for any user regardless of age, sex, or physical condition.

About Training

Module 2 of 4

Training for rowing is predominantly endurance (aerobic) based. This includes rowing for long durations (30 up to 120min) at a steady state. Strength, power, skill and flexibility are other key elements to rowing training.

About Physiology

Module 3 of 4

Exercise physiology focuses on how the body moves and its adaption to the stress of exercise. Most of us recognize the benefits of exercise and the potential improvements to our general health and well being.

About Technique

Module 4 of 4

The correct rowing action can be a difficult to grasp especially if not having experienced rowing in an actual boat. In  About Technique we outline a variety of ways in order to learn the correct rowing technique.

Get Certified

To become a certified WaterCoach you must first pass 4 modules.  Once you have completed all 4 test modules and a final exam , you will be awarded a certificate of completion earn and 0.4 ACE credits.


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