First/Beginner Rowing Workout

Tips for your first workout on your WaterRower:

  1. Duration

  • 3- 5 minutes for beginners level of fitness

  • 10-15 minutes for medium level of fitness

  • 15-20 minutes for higher level of fitness

If you feel up to rowing for longer, have a break and/or a stretch and continue to row for another 5 minutes.

Remember when starting out shorter sessions more often is better than one longer session.

  1. Row at a easy Steady State pace

Start rowing at a very easy pace, 45-55% effort. Row with a consistent stroke rate (18-22spm) and intensity (displayed in a choice of units in the top left hand corner of S4 monitor).

Give yourself a few weeks to find your comfortable speed. Speed will vary according to body type, technique & fitness level.

Use a heart rate monitor if possible to help control and monitor intensity.

  1. Focus on Technique, especially on the following:

Row at a stroke rate between 18-22spm (displayed in the top left hand corner of S4 monitor) the slower you row the more time you have to focus on technique.

Focus on taking twice as long to slide forwards on the Recovery as compared to the Drive back.

  1. Always cool down and stretch after rowing.

We recommend repeating this session 3 up to 4x for the first week or so of receiving your WaterRower. After which you can start the 6 week rowing program example for Beginners.


If you have any questions or need any assistance during your first few sessions on the WaterRower please contact one of our trainers.

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