Steady State Workouts


  • Continuous rowing at a consistent intensity and stroke rate for a set time or distance.
  • Stroke rates are usually around 20-24 strokes per minute (spm).
  • Speed is dependent on technique, such as stroke length and power application of user.
  • Intensities are kept within 60-70% of the users maximum heart rate.
  • Duration depends on the users fitness level and can be based on time or distance.
  • Steady state rowing is particularly good for endurance training and fat burning.

 Steady State Workout Examples (more examples coming soon)

(For Beginner Rowers)

30 Minutes Technique (download workout here)

20 Stroke Sets (download workout here)

(For Intermediate & Advanced Rowers)

18 Minute Castles (download workout here)

Distance Castles (download workout here)

Steady State Rowing with Upper Body Exercises (download workout here)

An Hour of Power (download workout here

5000 meter distance row, varying stroke rate every 1000 meters (download workout here)
20 minute Row with 1 minute Power Strokes
(download workout here)

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